A Twist in Coyote's Tale


A Twist in Coyote’s Tale is a remarkable and incredibly truthful revelation of the author’s inner life while she participated in the recent awakening and empowerment of the Arrow Lakes people during the time they returned the bones of their ancestors to their central sacred site at Vallican, in south-eastern British Columbia. I could not put Coyote’s Tale down because as the prophesized deep awakening unfolded for the Arrow Lakes people, Celia Gunn touched depths in her psyche that few ever dare explore. The issue of our times is the healing of each human on the planet, so that each person can honor Earth. In North America, the healers are the indigenous people because they are the keepers of the sacred sites; Celia has truly honored their ways and has found her own inner peace. Filled with exceedingly important detail about this ancient people, it also reads like a novel, so enjoy this wonderful story!

Barbara Hand Clow, author of The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind, is a Cherokee teacher and an International Mayan Elder.

A true story that reads more like a novel, this book engages the attention from the first page. Rich and compelling, it kept me reading late into the night, carried along by its unique blend of romance, idealism, action and spiritual insight. Joining Celia Gunn on her emotional rollercoaster of a ride, we too can partake of the ages-old wisdom and immense humour of the Native American people with whom she shared her life, and perceive life differently through their eyes. Her integrity and honesty shine out from every page entwined with evocative, mouth-watering descriptions of the Canadian wilderness that was her spiritual home. A remarkable first book by a very wise woman.

Judy Hall, author of The Karmic Journeyand The Crystal Bible.

In this superbly written and intriguing tale, Celia Gunn tells her story of how returning the bones of the Arrow Lakes ancestors from the museum to their rightful traditional burial grounds becomes a theme which resonates with the very bones of her own visions, dreams and aspirations, part of her inner life since she was a young girl. Laying these ghosts of her psychological and emotional life becomes part of a natural transpersonal healing process compounded by magical synchronicities in a powerful Native landscape. Through the cathartic climax of the book, the reader is privileged to witness the expiation of Celia’s inner daimon and the profound life-change that follows. For anyone interested in the process of natural healing and following the integrative vagaries of life-change at many levels, this book is not to be missed.

Dr Anthony Thorley, Cultural Historian and retired Consultant Psychiatrist.

A gripping, intense and profound book, beautifully expressed, where every line, every word is vital to understanding the whole. It not only illuminates the frustrations of fighting for political rights whilst awakening to the deeper matters of American Indian spirituality, but also explores the nature of love, obsession and letting go in the progress of one woman towards enlightenment. You come away having read it aware of how much it is threaded through with amazing spiritual insights which give you lots of help and assistance in your own life’s journey.

Moyra Caldecott, author of Guardians of the Tall Stones and Akhenaten: Son of the Sun.

Celia Gunn’s personal journey with the Arrow Lakes people makes for an intriguing, extremely well- written story. Like Coyote, she was often na´ve, even foolish about what she was getting into but she maintained her New Age optimism throughout her experiences, a perspective that both delights and frustrates. Yet for all my misgivings about some of her beliefs, I found her story to be engaging and perceptive, both about herself and the Indian people about her. Her prose is frank, but respectful of Arrow Lakes beliefs and practices, and she treats them as real people who are often a wonder to her. This is a terrific book. I hope readers will enjoy Celia’s fascinating story as much as I did!

Larry J. Zimmerman, Ph.D., RPA, Professor of Anthropology and Public Scholar of Native American Representation, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis USA.

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