EarthSkyWalk was born out of our heartfelt desire and a powerful commitment to revitalise our human connection to the land and its changing energies through the seasons. Following the example of our indigenous ancestors, we have chosen pilgrimage as a way of exploring and honouring this fundamental healing and transformational process.
We recognise the contemporary importance of acknowledging the ancient continuity between the sky and landscape, heaven and earth, the microcosm and the macrocosm, so that there is no distinction between nature and culture.

We see this as an active and mutually nourishing dialogue between our own creative consciousness and all those 'persons-other- than-human' who occupy and constitute the living landscape. Through this active service, we are challenged to accept not only that seeing is believing, but also that believing is seeing.

September 2011 Bath, England

We are a devoted couple whose lives came together in a magical way almost twenty years ago, when we discovered we held in common a lifelong interest in the universal truths and principles that lie at the heart of the mystery of consciousness and life, and a deep appreciation of the sacredness of the land.
For the last fifteen years, we have been living in the South West of England, where our work is intimately connected to the heavens, the landscape and the cycles of the seasons.   Currently, our annual cycle of EarthSkyWalk   pilgrimage routes follow our ancestors' footsteps in the ancient kingdom of Wessex, particularly in the contemporary counties of Somerset and Wiltshire, which are also the epicentre of the intriguing and significant phenomenon of crop formations, the majestic, complex patterns swirled into the crops each year. We also pilgrimage in our root-county of Northumberland, and indeed anywhere we feel we are called.

A husband and wife team, we have collaborated on sacred landscape studies in Ancient Egypt, Wessex, and the Scottish Borders. Books on our work are forthcoming. Together, we recently completed for the Gaia Foundation a global overview of sacred sites and their protection. We also are pleased to share our growing fund of knowledge and challenging speculative ideas where invited.

We are:

AnthonyThorley (Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon, Leo rising), a retired psychiatrist who has been researching landscape energies, myths and traditions for over thirty years, In 2006, I graduated with an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at Bath Spa University, and am currently completing a book on the Masonic vision of eighteenth-century Bath. In summer 2010, I began a PhD at the University of Lampeter on the conceptual basis of landscape zodiacs as sacred space.
Over the next few years, partly under the auspices of the Gatekeeper Trust, I will be leading a series of pilgrimages and workshops which explore the mystery of the national landscape zodiac known as the Gypsy Switch, culminating in a focus on London as a sacred city and its role in hosting the Olympic Games of 2012.
DVDs of my some of my presentations are available; please check the 'books' page or enquire through 'contact'.

  Celia Gunn (Taurus Sun and Moon, Gemini rising), a Northumbrian writer and novelist who has lived in Israel and Canada, working in publishing and education. Closely involved in the renascence of the Sinixt First Nation in British Columbia - which led to my memoir 'A Twist in Coyote's Tale' (Archive Publishing), which has been adapted into a film entitled 'The Sinixt: Bringing Home the Bones' - I continue to be involved with their struggle for full representation.   Insights from this unique experience inspired me to begin working with Anthony in my own indigenous British sacred landscape.   Much of my current time is divided between co-creating the Chakra Garden and a number of ongoing writing projects. My two latest books are a novel 'A Dark Wind' (Archive Publishing) and a book about animal spirit guides, 'Simply Totem Animals' (Zambezi Publishing). A new novel, 'The Fourth Gateway', is scheduled for publication in 2015.
  Between us, we have five children and three grandchildren spread across the world.