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Saturday 6th April 2013
The Network of Ley Hunters Moot,

Town Hall, Wells, Somerset
10.00am - 9.00pm
Speakers include:
6:30pm Anthony Thorley: Sir Christopher Wren's Secret London
7:30pm Celia Gunn: A Twist in Coyote's Tale: the Rebirth of a Native American Tribe
Other speakers: Gary Biltcliffe, Carolin Comberti, Serena Roney-Dougal, Sue Pine,
Christine Rhone, Adrian Incledon-Webber, Nigel Twinn, Meghan Rice
£30.00 for the day
Walks and tours also available Wed 3rd - Fri 5th, and on Sun 7th April, a coach tour to
Cadbury Castle and Stanton Drew stone circle
Details and payment:
Tel. 01650 531354

July Saturday 13 July 2013
The Sacred Landscape of North America
A Gatekeeper Trust Event with Peter Dawkins, Celia Gunn and Hugh Newman
The Avalon Club, High Street, Glastonbury

The significance of North America as a rich mosaic of cultures and societies has come to be of enormous importance to the whole world and the way we live. This day is dedicated to exploring the history, traditions and geomancy of these vast lands, to help understand the highest expression of the land and the part pilgrimage can play in that creative expression.
On this special day we will have four unique contributions from three speakers
including Celia Gunn : ‘Walking Lightly on the Earth’

Celia Gunn lived in North America for eighteen years. Based on her experiences, Celia will give an illustrated talk about the traditional Native North American way of life, pointing up examples of its vital relevance for us all today. She will also demonstrate how the current powerful Native American protest movement "Idle No More" reflects a fundamental shift in human consciousness and behaviour which has worldwide resonance.

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Idle No More: A Movement with a Mission
by powerfulplaces
A podcast with Celia Gunn about the powerful Native American protest movement, Idle No More, which is calling for global attention to devastating resource extraction processes in Canada.


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